Big Data

Big data can be described by the following 5 characteristics: variety, volume, velocity, and veracity. Big Data technologies are all about revealing insights from datasets that are diverse, complex, and of a massive scale. HYDSOFT’s a big data analytics platform is built on Hadoop ecosystem (HDFS, MapReduce and HBase) with frameworks of In-Memory Computing, Stream Computing and Spark, including big data searching and analysis techniques of Hive and Impala. Now, our platform have already developed five modules: big data acquisition, big data preprocessing, big data storage and big data management, big data analysis and mining, big data visualization and application.

With our superior big data analytics platform, HYDSOFT is able to integrate all data internal and external of enterprises, such as web site data, ERP data, socialization data, etc. We also provides package solutions including data cleaning, big data storage and management, big data analysis and mining and data visualization. HYDSOFT offer customized big data solutions to help clients use big data for smarter decision-making and management process and transform the value of data into commercial profit, underlining clients’core competencies.

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